PAC Storage


3 Gb SAS to SAS / SATA
Features and Benefits

The ever increasing demand for more information faster is driving businesses to higher performance, data intensive applications. With up to twice the connectivity speed, the E5402E storage system supports the most demanding applications and simplifies data management by combining high performance SAS and capacity intensive SATA storage in one single system. The return on investment is further enhanced with StorView® centralized storage management and StorView Path ManagerTM multipath protection software.

The E5402E provides the connectivity speed of 3G serial attached SCSI, supporting the most data intensive applications including data mining, video streaming, medical imaging, remote replication and online transactions. The 5400 supports data environments from a single server to servers clustered together for additional high availability. The dual active RAID controllers provide four 3G SAS host ports, up to 2GB of battery backed cache, separate cache coherency channels and StorView Path Manager MPIO-based multipath protection to ensure continuous data access. The OS independent StorView management software provides a simple, intuitive user interface for automated configuration, remote management and monitoring, performance statistics and advanced diagnostics.

The ability to combine both SAS and SATA storage in a single system simplifies data migration from high performance SAS to cost effective SATA as the value of the data changes. The native SAS backplane delivers data transfer speeds three times faster then parallel SCSI through the SAS full duplex and point-to-point architecture. Expansion is quick and easy as the 5400 scales from 36GB to 30TB for rapid business growth. The 5400 provides the flexibility to create up to 512 LUNs and individual LUNs greater than 2TB. The feature rich 5400 includes non disruptive controller firmware upload and a fault tolerant, modular design with redundant, hot swappable controllers, disk drives, power supplies and cooling fans. The 5400 supports the most performance demanding applications, simplifies data management and maximizes IT resources with StorView management software.